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Anyone who has known me over the last seven years knows how downright loony I have been about the passion for handmade, especially handmade in America, coupled with the power of creativity to heal lives. Although making my art and running my storefront has made me infinitely happy, still I felt something was missing. I realized I needed to get back to my roots of how I began and become much more of a "social" artist than the one tucked away behind a soldering torch. Sweet Bird, to me, has always been about relationships, especially in a time when America seems to be in a spiritual dust bowl of sorts, I feel called to do what I can do in my own way. So, in staying true to my creative and spiritual journey, I am coming down off the proverbial mountain, taking a giant leap of faith and going mobile! Mountains are beautiful, but they can be a bubble of status quo and isolation. I want to meet my Sweet Bird Family, inspire others to connect with their creativity and for myself, to re-member why I do this. This, dear friends, is my next chapter and I would like you to be a part of it.

In a refurbished 1974 Air-stream trailer, I am hitting the road and beginning a national movement I have named, Made in America. By Grown-Ups! The house is under contract, things are being sold, the storefront (no, not my business, I repeat, NOT Sweet Bird!) is closing and the blue highways are beckoning. And so I am driving cross-country, decreasing the distance between my Sweet Bird extended family and me. I want to meet the America we make for! I will be interviewing and documenting those folks living out their American Dream....musicians, artists, and simply put, people making a difference through the meaning they give to their lives. There seems to be an idea floating around that everything is not made here anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth! There is resurgence and a pride of what it means to make something of meaning and value in our country, and also to spend the money to purchase a quality product made here. For me, "Made in America. By Grown-Ups" means no sweatshops, just a sweaty shop!

So, how will I be doing this? I want to hear from you all, where to go, who to meet, where I could teach workshops in cities across the country, and possibly your town. I will bring some Sweet Bird bling along the way to help fund the project too! We will be documenting those "creatives" who are helping build a spiritual and cultural renewal, in the land of the rugged individuals, America. My project, Made In America. By Grown-Ups is simply a way to connect people living with intention and meaning, For some of this trip I will have a film crew with me as well as my own filming. We will be seeking out those that make our USA most vitally alive, the inner voice that says, "this is the real me". We are doing nothing short of unleashing true freedom in the "land of the free", by showcasing real men and women who live and work as they were meant to live, as well as documenting my journey along the way. Please email me on your thoughts for where we could hold workshops, house concerts and creative souls (including yourselves!) to interview.

My blog, the Anglo Maiden will become the biggest source of the journey as it unfolds, so be sure to sign the mailing list at www.anglomaiden.com. Made in America. By Grown-Ups website is coming, but for now Sweet Bird Studio will serve as the link to MAI/BGU. While I'm on the road, I will not be doing any custom designs (no, I won't have soldering equipment in the trailer!), but you will be able to order on line.

I am so excited to have the honor and opportunity to connect with so many people that are doing such cool things with their lives! Who knew when I started making for friends and family in 1988 the riotous fun, meaning and passion for life I would encounter through my Sweet Bird family? Surely not me!

We are all creators. I can't wait to hear your story.

With Heaps of Creativity and Giant Leaps of Faith,